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Full Version: Can somebody help me with this?
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I have just upgraded my old unit.

Specs are

Pentium D, 3.0ghz
1gig ram.
radeon 9550xt 256mg 128bit

will this run ps2 emu? thanks in advance
yes, will it run well, no
ok, so how unwell are we talking about? Smile im just in it for final fantasy, thanks for the fast reply.
ffx plays on my 2.2 dual core at 35fps, you're lookin in the lower 10s on that one
Fps 10-30 i reckon
10 at max...
hmm i see, ok so i only have one way to find out then. well i appreciate the help and inputs. thanks guys.
(04-11-2009, 08:15 PM)poulo Wrote: [ -> ]Pentium D, 3.0ghz---Weak
1gig ram---Fair
radeon 9550xt 256mg 128bit---Weak

will this run ps2 emu? thanks in advance

it's runnable but pretty slow...can possibly run on 2D games.