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Full Version: Final fantasy x-2 videos.
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Hi i would like help on how to fix the ffx-2 problem where the fmvs that are playes are very choppy and cant be viewed properly. If any one has been anble to fix this problem please can you help me.
use zerogs
Okay so i tried zero gs this is what i got. What settings on the pcsx2 did u use to remove garbadge. (looks better than it is)
dunno, never used it.

I just used gsdx all the time and passed by the custcenes. Tongue2
There are 2 options.
1) Use old ZeroGS not ZZogl.
2) Use GSDx


On FMV best config is
Frame Limiting: VU Skip
Speed Hacks: Use 1.5x Cycle Rate, other checkboxes on.
Graphics: Native resolutions (GSDx), Antialiasing None (ZeroGS)
and don't forget to turn on deinterlacing

with this config I can get 55+ fps instead of 30-40fps.