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Full Version: Guitar Hero 2 Calibration Issue (SPEEDHACKS USED)
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Note: I’m using speedhacks, specifically EE Cyclerate at −2 and VU Cycle Stealing at 3.

I can’t get this game calibrated. The calibration option in Guitar Hero 2 is... rudimentary. It not possible to manually enter numbers, and the game only supports positive numbers. Only problem is, my computer screen needs negative numbers, but Harmonix didn’t start including negative calibration until the Rock Band games. 0ms is as calibrated as the game gets, and you have to play out of sync to do well. Obviously, this a problem with the game and not the emulator, but is there any way work around this problem, including other fixes/hacks.
using speedhacks will most likely break synch.
start by no using speedhacks
Turn off any speedhack sliders (the tick boxes are okay) and get the latency down as low as you can in spu2x. I recommend using portaudio as the output module, then bring that slider right down, then click configure and bring that slider down as far as you can without it crackling