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Full Version: Intel i3-6300 HD 530 iGPU performance
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I am running PCSX2 with Intel's newest HD 530 iGPU and my results for Burnout 3 are:

Native resolution, 640x800, Direct3D11: 60-70% speed avg.

Native resolution, 640x800, OpenGL: 50-60% speed avg.

The performance is terrible. Is it supposed to be this bad?
what is your CPU ?
what are the ee% when getting slowdowns ?
My CPU is an i3-6300 which is faster than the i3-6100. EE stays around 90-98% usually.
your CPU is clearly struggling.
it has a good STR, but it's only a dual core, and this could be a problem with a game like Burnout 3

In any way, the IGPU isn't the problem here.
did you set your windows power plan to high performance ?
Hard to believe the CPU is struggling. It's two Skylake cores clocked at 3.8Ghz, which is very damn fast.

This is a desktop computer, not a laptop.

I'll have to do some more testing later, but I don't think the CPU is the problem.
Well, if you know better, no need to ask for help