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Full Version: Will this run?
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I have a pc that is mainly used for office tools andweb browsing, the specifications is :

CPU : Intel Pentium G3258 (no OC)
GPU : Intel HD graphics (Haswell) (Integrated graphics) (i dont plan on buying additional graphic cards)
RAM : 1x4GB DDR3 1600Mhz
connected to a 720p tv.

will  this run pcsx2 at decent, if not, playable speed?

what settings should i use?
Should run.most games OK. Your integrated video card will be your biggest bottleneck
is Final Fantasy series included?
and, by OK you mean full speed?
Yes and yes. FF games are fairly light.
wow, thanks for answering so quickly.
i will now go buy some ps2 game dvds
make sure you can still boot your PS2 too. else, you won't be able to extract its bios
how can i get the bios file from my ps2 machine? its disk reader or something is broken so i couldnt play any games.
but its still alive, can modify memory card data and stuff..