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Full Version: pnach file
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im trying to get a pnach file for:
Tales of Legendia  : Game CRC = 0x43AB7214
Shining Force Neo  : Game CRC = 0xA82F2554

and before anyone gets mad and tell me i should learn to do them myself i would but i work alot dont have alot of time to game so i dont want to spend what little time i have trying to figure out how to make the pnach files when i barely have time to play games 1 or 2 hours a day

ps also thank you for anyone whos able to help me ether of these all im looking for
also for tales im only looking for a 4x or 6x type exp modifier and the same with shining force preferable nothing straight to max level and maybe a max money cheat that's about it
I worked over 115 hours these past couple weeks. Working 6 days a week & I work out (heavy weight lifting) for 1.5 to 2 hours 3 nights a week. But I still will find time to do things on my own rather than inconvenience other people to do the work for me. We all have busy lives & better things to do. You can learn to do these on your own. If you get stuck or confused, then people will help walk you through it. But don't ask people to do everything for you because you feel your life is more important
i dont need or even want to hear it im not goign to discribe my life to you on what ido ect its a simple request for someone who has the time and doesnt mind doing it i know people dont get paid for it hence the thank you i put in put post please keep your comments to yourself if you have nothing pennant to say about my request
what I said was p-e-r-t-i-n-e-n-t. It means do the work yourself and ask for help if you get stuck. That's the best you're going to get here
dude go moan on someone else forum post i put it in my orginal post i didnt want to hear you dont want to do it fine move on. also adding you to my ignore list you didnt even need to post anything at all.
Sure I did. I gave you what you need to do. You just don't like it. Sorry if putting a little effort into something you care about is to much to ask of you. All the time you were posting comments to me, you could have had everything done that you wanted by now.
@envisagedOne you knwo i would take your word more ot heart if 90% of yur post where not rude or full of snide comments so yah i really dont care what you have to say keep posting in this thread with snide remarks and each one will get reported i really dont care
Lol, snide remarks? I'm giving you advice that you just don't like. How'd that "ignore" thing work out for you?
Since you don't care...
Its not going anywhere anyways...