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Full Version: Lost my PSU Save :(
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So last night i was playing Phantasy Star Universe. I went to the save screen like i always do and saved and then closed the emulator after i saved. I tried to load it up today and it said my load failed. The only things i changed on my ps2 emulator was that i added 3 new games and checked to see if they ran which they did. I even tried a system restore to an earlier time to see if i could recover my save and it didn't work. Its a REALLY long game and i do not want to restart. I figured i would try here before i gave up.

Thanks in advance.
Are you either running, or disabling any cheats since you last saved the game?
As mentioned - make sure cheats are disabled at startup of the game (widescreen included). Your save -should- load up. After that you can safely use the cheats again. This game is very iffy about cheats.

If you aren't using cheats then I'd say it's just some bad luck and random corruption. Wacko
Yea i never used cheats... So is there any way i can recover the save?
if it was random corruption as mentioned, nothing you can do but play from the beginning. The save file was damaged & you'll have to create a new one