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Full Version: Glow effect displaced in TotA, SotC
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Hello, I have a problem, I saw it reported before, but haven't found an answer, so here it goes.

I have widescreen laptop, when I play Tales of the Abyss or Shadow of the Colossus, have glow effects displaced (to the left). When I mark "native" in GSD plugin "D3D internal res", the light effects become correctly placed, but resolution becomes awful (changing resolution in the upmost "resolution" window has no effect), but when I unmark "native" - resolution becomes great, and lightning displaced again... anyone has a clue ?

PCsx2 0.9.6
GSdx SSE41 0.1.15 (used 0.1.14 - same thing)
The ghosting effect is a know issue. You upscale the D3D internal resolution so the images get the blurry stuff. Nothing you can do against it. Endure it or play with native.

The game was not made to be displayed at high resolutions.
okay, thank you