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Full Version: Final Fantasy X-2 (100% Completion) PNACH
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Ok, So once a year I replay FFX and FFX-2.
Last year I was frantically searching everywhere for a pnach code where it gives you the 100% story completion and I eventually found it.  But now, I cannot remember where I got it from.
It's really really annoying me that I can't remember, i've been searching everywhere.

I'm thinking maybe I found a save-game and loaded it through pcsx2? Is that even possible?

Can anybody point me in right direction here!?

Thank you in advance.
I don't know about a pnach file but
1.You can download a save game file and use it with pcsx2(check my signature)
2.There is a save game editor here for FFX-2 but I don't know if it can edit the story progression
Celsius has this feature in the General section.


[Image: attachment.php?aid=29236]
You know what Vsub, I believe it was a save game file. Thank you!!