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Full Version: DS4 Controller Support
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Has anyone here figured out how to use the DS4 controller audio device? 
It shows up in Windows sound options (I'm running 64bit Windows 7 btw) and I can listen through the controller. 
However, if I use DS4Windows or any other xinput wrapper, the sound no longer works. Anyone here found a solution?
When I turn off xinput and use Dinput, I can map all controls in lilypad, but when the game is running, no controls work. 

One workaround I was experimenting with was using JoyToKey + Keyboard input. I mapped everything in JoyToKey to a keyboard input, then used Lilypad to 
map every control to a keyboard input. However it isn't working so I'm missing some step... 

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Smile 

Bonus question: Any tips on what graphics settings I should be running. I'm trying to replay my Kingdom Hearts 2
My computer build is 
AMD FX-8320 (OC to 4.0GHz) 
GTX 760 2GB

Really looking forward to becoming a potato and sinking into my couch as I relive a great game. If I can have my headphones plugged into my controller and not coming out of the tv, that would be all the better Smile
moved to off topic since it's not related to pcsx2
(02-03-2017, 09:21 PM)jesalvein Wrote: [ -> ]moved to off topic since it's not related to pcsx2

Oh, sorry if it wasn't clear. I'm trying to use my DS4 in the PCSX2 emulator (without having to use xinput)
then motionjoy is probably your only solution
(02-03-2017, 09:42 PM)jesalvein Wrote: [ -> ]then motionjoy is probably your only solution

No longer exists I think, just tried it and the website is gone + the software doesn't reach the website options page.