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Full Version: Buzzer ps2
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I just bought 2 "set" of four buzzers and the game BUZZ BIG QUIZZ.

I managed to run the game with one buzzers set (= 4 buzzers).

However the game does not detect the second set. (I can not select 5-> 8 players in the menu).

I'm using a file: USBqemu-buzzR.dll find on the internet.

Do you have an idea/dll/tutorial to make use 8 buzzers?
Thanks a lot 
The user who posted that plugin(http://forums.pcsx2.net/Thread-USBqemu-B...#pid369335) did not include the source, so if it lacks the possibility to use all 8 buzzers there might not be a solution.

You could ask the author by sending him a PM, maybe he can fix it or release the source code so someone else can.