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Full Version: i5 cpu's have the turbo boost feature. Does this feature work with PCSX2 ?
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My question is does PCSX2 make use of intel's turbo boost feature ? My friends 2500K is clocked at @3.3GHz but at turbo it's @3.70GHz.
In pcsx2 case, it's pretty useless.

Turbo boost feature kinda switches off other cores to make on core's clock higher.
Means you gain a few Ghz, but you lose cores. Since pcsx2 uses at least 2 cores (3 with MTVU speedhack) this feature won't be triggered
no idea about 1155 chips, but it shouldn't be useless if your mb has the enhanced turbo boost option which basically allows you to enable max turbo boost on all cores evenly instead of doing it dynamically. In that scenario, I imagine turbo boost can help quite a bit with pcsx2 on more demanding games. Just make sure your voltages are stable
I looked up how the core boost works on i5 & i7 processors & intel specifically states "Turbo Boost is a dynamic feature". It even shows a picture showing how it works, which is how jesalvein explained
its best to be left on it will help emulation a bit.
I see a benefit on my i7..
Yeah you definitely want it on. There are different max turbo speeds for the amount of cores being used at once. So even if pcsx2 is only using 2 or 3 you'll still be turbo-ing above the base clock.
Yeah what Jes said and you will get higher boost speeds with lower amount of cores boosting aka 1 core will bost the highest then 2 corest then 3 cores then 4 cores. But the boost will always be above base clock even when boosting all 4 cores.