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Full Version: Please help
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I'm sorry I'm new to this and sorry if it's in the wrong section of forums but can anyone please help me on how to use cheats for my pcsx2 FFX int game? I've tried looking for over 2 hours or so now on how to put the cheats in game but nothing is working. I'm not sure if I'm just not doing it correctly or looking right or whatever the case but some help would greatly be appreciated.

Tried using omniconvert 1.0.3 but not sure what to do other than converting? and tried cheat engine but honestly... just messed up the game =\ and not sure how to use the pnach or what it really is )=
I'm still confused at how to get things to work, sorry it might be annoying or a hassle )= I just want to play it with max stats and such from the beginning or so..
They can point you in the right direction that shows how to do it, but you need to learn things yourself. We'll help you to a point, but don't ask for everyone to hold your hand through every step. Emulation requires a little bit of learning on your end. It's not for people that just want an installer & have everything work right off the bat. You got to learn & mess with settings & find out what works best with your system. Learn how to setup cheats. If you try and get stuck, then we'll help you, but you got to show some effort on your end also. Don't just say "I'm confused"...tell us where you're confused...what you've tried...then we can troubleshoot the problem
FFXED is very easy to use... so no real explanation should be needed. If you really get stuck with one of the options there's always the readme found in that topic.
Thanks a ton Ryudo Laugh I finally figured it out, I almost gave up too haha but it's pretty simple to use FFXED Smile I really appreciate it!

Is there a tutorial also on using gameshark or codebreaker on epsxe also? I've tried running it normally and after trying to put in the cheats for certain games, the games just doesn't load. I hit esc and go back to the window and go to change disc iso and try to load but it just stays at the screen for codebreaker. Any help or idea?