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Full Version: about custom shaders...
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so i downloaded the shader pack on here with a bunch of different shaders but i cant seem to get them to work. was wondering if someone could give me an idea of why. also what button would you press to swap thru the different ones? ive tried the home button but it doesnt seem to work. i have it in the shaders folder unpacked. when i open the file you edit it doesn't change anything when you change the numerical value..
They won't work automatically and you can't just cycle through them sadly.

Open your GSDX core settings and check the bottom of the window for Shader Configuration and click on Configure.

At the bottom tick the box "Enable External Shader"

In External Shader, browse for your files and load a .fx file.

Leave the External Shader Config below that as it is.

Now when you start your game, it will load the shader and you can press the Home key to toggle it on and off. Maybe use something with very obvious changes to test. I recommend mmjcellshader.fx since it is immediately noticable.

You can change the shader at any time using the above method, no need to close your game and restart it to try different shaders (unlike the ePSXe shaders) so that's good at least.

I hope this helps.