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Full Version: God of War 2 Perfect 60fps emulation
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Running perfectly so far, currently going through the whole game to verify.  My GPU is the bottleneck keeping me from increasing the internal resolution.  Last I checked the best i could get to perfect emulation there were still vertical lines underwater, but the new half pixel offset option fixes it.  Amazing job to the pcsx2 crew.

PCSX2 1.5.0-dev-1977
GS: MSVC 19.00 SSE4.1/SSE41
Preset: Aggressive
OpenGL hardware
Large Framebuffer
4x native res
CRC Hack: Partial
Blending Unit:Basic
Enable HW Hacks=>
    Align Sprites
    Half Pixel Offset: Special (texture)
Enable MTVU
GS Window: Widescreen (16:9)

Win 7 Ultimate x64
I7- 860 @ 3.26Ghz
8GB DDR3- 1866
Evga GTX1060 SC 3GB