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Full Version: Best looking settings for Kingdog Hearts on 0.9.6?
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Hey everyone Smile

New to this board and plan on visiting here often!

I just wanted to know the best looking settings for kingdom hearts....

My kingdom hearts runs solid 60 fps (I have a pretty high end computer.... bought it just a couple monthes ago.... set me back a couple thousand... lol)

and i was just wondering what is the best LOOKING setttings out there... i notice sometimes when i play the shadows are wierd looking and the characters eyes change blue and stuff....

I just want this game to look perrrfect and to push my computer to its limits...

Thanks in advance everyone (I am new to this emulator and have NO idea what most of the settings mean... so please understand i am quite the newbbbb lol)

well you could leave config->advanced as it is (default Tongue), and set config->speed hacks to x3 Cycle Rate, and the first 2 at the right side Tongue, also make sure you have the latest pcsx2 and settings Tongue.