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Full Version: Help with command line loading
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I got this emulator setup with my frontend Maximus Arcade. I am trying to get the game to automatically start when loaded. I have it successfully loading the right file but it won't start, I still need to click file run.

Here is the command line I'm currently using:

pcsx2.exe -cfg e:\ps2\inis\pcsx2.ini -cdvd e:\ps2\plugins\CDVDiso.dll -gs e:\ps2\plugins\ZeroGS KOSMOS 0.97 nonsse2.dll -spu e:\ps2\plugins\SPU2-X-1.1.dll -efile 1 -nogui %file

Any help with this is greatly appreciated. I searched everywhere and tried a lot of things and can't get the game to autorun.

Thanks in advance for any help here.
you could set it like this
pcsx2.exe "%file"
Smile (just have to have the right plugins set already Smile)
i tried that way, still the same results. the emulator window opens and you need to click file run in order to start the emulation.

Trying to get it to start playing the game automatically.
what do you have in "%file"? Smile
it triggers the exact location of the file, example:

pcsx2 c:\ps2\roms\gta.iso

The command itself does set the right iso file because when I click file run, the game I type in the command does play, but it does not start playing when I load via the command line, only the emulator window pops up.
hmm strange, just tried with your original method and i don't have to go to file->run cd/dvd Blink
Wacko lol, well I'll keep playing around and see if I can get anything to work, if anyone got anything else I can try I appreciate the insight.