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Full Version: PAL vs NTSC
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I was just wondering if there are any difference (speed + playability) when it between PAL and NTSC games. Does the region affect performance with the emulator or is it just simply the same. I'd like to have your input and details to how good or fast the game runs between regions.
how many times has this been asked... there are only slight ones, but use whichever you have
Typically, NTSC games run at 60FPS, and PAL games run at 50FPS. If you don't achieve max framerates on a NTSC game, using PAL could make it a bit easier i believe.
there's already a thread about this Smile
let me put it this way..

I own PAL FFX (import) and NTSC FFX (I live in the US)

PAL FFX: goes at about 30fps, (60%)
NTSC FFX goes at about 35fps, (58%)

the % are VERY close. Ask yourself what the difference is
(04-14-2009, 01:56 AM)LuisR14 Wrote: [ -> ]there's already a thread about this Smile

Quick response. I tried using the search button but I didn't find any. Would you be so kind to post the link to the "said" thread?
ok give me a few seconds Tongue
@LuisR14 + Saiki.

You guys are the fastest posters I've ever been in a forum. Thanks for the links! And to the moderators? Please close the thread.!
well, I have little else to do, so yea, I am... I really thing something liek this NEEDS to be stickied to keep this from coming up..

how about adding it to the FAQ guys?
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