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Full Version: Xenosaga Ep. 1 Save Point Bug
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Playing Xenosaga 1 with rev969, the save points are screwed up. The first one during the simulation works fine, goes to a save menu and saves. However, on the ship every save point I've encountered is messed up. When I press circle to interact with them, instead of the save menu the screen stretches, un-stretches, and the game restarts. I can use save states so I'm not sure if this will be a huge problem, but what's wrong? Anyone else have the same thing happening? I've tried numerous different revs of PCSX2, tried turning speed hacks on/off, and switched between quite a few GSDX plugins, nothing.
Ah, so it is a bug. I searched this forum with no results, but I guess the good old Emuforums one still has its uses. As a further development, it's not just that one save point that works. I've tried 3 others on the ship; 2 restarted, one saves. I guess I'll just savestate before I try saving then.
Later on the game more save points work,but it's best to just save state before. It's not random,so you will eventually learn which save points work and which don't