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Full Version: GSdx DX 10 with AA 4x hardware
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Hi guys, does someone know if it is possible to use hardware antialiasing with DX10 and Gsdx plugin? nHancer works only with DX9.
thanx a lot :-)
Increasing D3D internal res in GSDX is equal to AA.
wrong. internal res doesn't create AA effect. Try nHancer (look for the thread guide) and you will see the great difference.
nHancer works with DX9 Gsdx plugin and you must set internal res = fullscreen res (for ex. screen = 1360x768 internal res must be 1360x768).
Then set nHancer for your pcsx2.exe and set AA multispaling 4x.
it is possible to use AA (i don't think it would 4x Tongue), but you would have to run it in software mode Smile (only in gsdx beta)
Yes it is equal to AA super sampling AA but it's a bad way to do AA as the hit is much greater for certain image quality.