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Full Version: Shadow of Colossus HD Performance Fails on my i7
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I have a Dell laptop with i7 2670QM and GT555M card and this is the performance i get for Shadow of Colossus


I followed this guide for settings


So what settings should i use
That guide is terrible. Set everything back to default, then just set the VU Cycle Stealing speedhack to the first position.

Also don't use DX9, it sucks, use DirectX11.

Don't expect miracles though, your single thread performance is only 1399 and we recommend 1600 for most games, but this one requires 2000 really, so I wouldn't be surprised if you get ~40fps
Much better than before but still unplayable at full hd. I can only get normal playback at native resolution, but if thats the case i can play this on my PS2.

Why is this game so resource hungry. I easily get 60fps on 3x native resolution on ff12
The game really pushed the PS2, that's why. Not to mention your hardware (Especially your GPU) isn't great.
Actually its all about the GPU on this one. I thought emulation was 80% a CPU matter..

I tried running on my desktop with an i7 920, (which has a much lower STR than my laptops 2670 and the office laptop i5 6200u) bur runs with a gtx480 card, and i get normal playback at 3x native.

So cpu does not matter in this case. I could have the best CPU STR but on a mobile graphics i could not get past native res