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Full Version: God of War I Tex Glitch
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I scanned a copy of god of war I got for the ps2 with imgburn, booted it up in pcsx2, and im getting a small texture glitch with the magic/health chests (in attachment) and some sound gltches, as I just made it to where 2 soldiers are behind a gate, trying to escape, and monsters sneak up and 86 them, but the music cuts out just before the zoom in and the monster sounds don't regen until after the small cutscene, and the music doesn't regen until I pause and resume

version of pcsx2 is git version v1.5.0-dev-2194-gada0d5745; running emulaton settings at preset 2, leaving sound plugin settings at default, and video plugin settings at first GSdx default (OpenGL Hardware Mode)

also trying to find the addresses for the health values and magic values with cheat engine, but don't know what value to look for or scan type to choose
Do you have an AMD graphics card by chance? You might need to use Direct3D11 for this game
I run an nvidia geforce gtx 650 ti for my computer
Then I dunno lol, but give DX11 hardware a try anyway, just in case
Were there any scratches on your disc? With the issue where the audio glitches it could also just be a bad rip. As for using cheat engine. Don't bother. Just find a pnach for it and use that instead. as I found cheat engine causes some problems with pcsx2 depending on what you are searching for.
well I did use cheat engine to cheat myself a buttload of red orbs, and there IS a pnach file I downloaded, but It doesn't label which code does what (for infinite health, magic, etc...)

as for my disc, I don't think there were any bad scratches, maybe a little wear and tear from slightly improper disc handling, but nothing really serious, it runs fine on my ps2 console.......could it be the bios I ripped from my ps2 console?
It won't be your bios, try the game without cheats and see if it still does it
the game froze when I tried doing my version of cheats, using multiconverter and omniconverter to translate to pnach, and and some infinite magic and health cheats, so I just used the pre-made pnach file in the cheats section; as for the current problem, there was a texture glitch during where you had to take the caged soldier up tp the sacrifice room to burn, the ramp leading up to said room had a few areas darkened in squares during the cutscene, but vanished afterwards

I had to stick with the hardware versions of the video plugin renderer's, software caused a slowdown when I approached the save points; and I THINK the audio problem fixed itself somehow? Overall, everything works now, but one question relating to cheats has been bugging me; what website would I go to that has codes I can use to make my own pnach files? Yes I know step-by-step the cheat making process, the base codes for conversion are what im missing