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Full Version: THQ Heavy Iron fix
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In PCSX2, The Incredibles, The Incredibles rise of the underminer and Spongebob the movie have a patch to avoid hang at loading screen.
Recently, the Play! dev have fix the booting issue on those games in it's emulator, it can be nice to see if a PCSX2 integration will be possible.

Link to the change that fix boot:
I was very skeptical of that change, I was getting one of the other guys to test that fix, but didn't hear back from him!
Hardware tests would be great, to verify that behavior is correct.
Well I tried that fix, it doesn't make any difference, it still hangs for me, so it looks like that isn't really the fix Sad

Edit: That said, if i hack it somewhere else, it fixes it, so I'm not sure what's going on.
Where are you hacking it that it's fixed?

I'm forcing the EIE bit to be set, it is being unset by the game there.

According to the manual it is neither readable or writable, but preserving the value doesn't seem to work either :/
I wonder if the change in Play! is just a hack or incorrect, and further down the line the games will break again, even with that change?

I wouldn't fully trust any manual though, I've seen far too many times that just because the PPC manual says something that doesn't mean it's actually what the PPC does...
Well if we do go from the manual, it says that the initial setting for EIE is undefined, although from past experience that could mean anything from random crap to predictable based on something else.

It's possible that Play! has a hack somewhere else which happens to make it work, i suspect the issue is something to do with IRQ's not firing once EIE is re-enabled via the COP0Write as that's something we didn't think about. Might be worth trying anyway.

Edit: On second thoughts, we are already doing that, nevermind!
So, will it be possible to fix these games or it's abandoned?