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Full Version: PCSX2 - When Idle -> PC crash
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Why are you using Daemon in the first place? The PCSX2 opens iso files just fine with Linuz ISO CDVD plugin. Give it a try. And read the Guide. Smile
Well because it was natural for me i see a iso i put in deamon tool lol simple way and because the first time i do this the game start and you right always read guides always help but you know when you have a new toy you want test it first and after read all the detail lol.
To read and understand the Guide and to configure the PCSX2 properly, and hopefully enjoy the gaming you would waste 15 minutes max... No game will run away from you in that time... And you'd have spared yourself from troubling both yourself and ourselves for half a day...

I understand all now, lol so with my OC profile game works well but when i exit to change some grafik setting the game crash but not my pc thats why when i'am using deamon tool if the game crash that crash deamon tool and by the way all my pc, daemon tool was like a bridge between my pc and pcsx when pcsx crash all the pc crash well know i must find the right setting i don't understand why FF12 usa is almost alway at 60 fps and FF12 french often go down 40 fps my q6600 runs at 3.2 ghz? do you have a idea?
There are discussions about FF12 already active at the forum, so please use the search option, or browse for a while... Show some effort, don't just wait for answers to keep falling down from the sky... Wink
(04-17-2009, 10:12 PM)wilfo Wrote: [ -> ]but you know when you have a new toy you want test it first and after read all the detail lol.
but what if in the process of testing you do something that you're not supposed to do to it (just because you didn't read the guide) Smile, that's why you should always read the guide
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