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Full Version: Devil May Cry 3 SE help please
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So I've been trying to configurate this game for a pretty long time, but max I can get is 40 fps
Can anyone help me to configurate pcsx2 for this game?
my specs are:
Intel-Core i7-720QM
8 GB of RAM DDR3
ATI Mobility Radeon 5650 1GB of VRAM
STR = 872.
play it on your PS2 console.
you won't get better than 40 fps whatever you do
is that laptop is a HP pavillion dv7 series?? if so i have the similar laptop as yours..as for that game title for running...
expected not to run smoothly and CPU temp will go high as 90C~ this will cause the CPU speed to decrease.
best to try to enable 8-bit textures and the preset spdhack at 3-balanced..
I fixed this, now I can play it smooth with native x2, just had to add 1 frameskip