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Full Version: How do I create an ISO from a ROM?
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Title. All of the guides I've read have only explained how to rip an ISO from a physical PS2 game disc, which I do not have. Would the programs you'd download to create an ISO from a disc(such as ImgBurn) work with ROMs?

I figured I had better ask for help first instead of going in blind and risk messing something up.
YOu can't make an iso without the disc
Ah, I see. So, are ROMs not compatible with PCSX2?
ROMS are chips that hold DATA. The PS2 (and thus the PCSX2 emulator) never used ROMS to read data from games. They were stored as data on the disc. So, your only option is to use a program, like imgburn, to extract the data from the game discs & save them in an ISO format for PCSX2 to read. Or just use the original discs & play off them
You must buy the game that you want play and/or rip it with dvd decrypter or another rip program.
Note: PCSX2 can directly read the disc without burning it.
Okay, so it wouldn't work. Oh well. Thank you.