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Full Version: Post Thread Options Missing
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im sure before this switch, we could use a bevy of tools like change text colors, insert hyperlinks into text to prevent message clogging and other stuff, but its all gone

will this be fixed, or are those days well and truly gone?

or can those options be blocked (by accident) by chrome extensions like ublock origin or other stuff?
I can see all the text options. Maybe check with those plugins off just in case they are blocking it.
Hm it happened here once. Try going to the new reply page and pressing refresh. It should fix it for you
I'm making this current post on internet explorer, with no addons or anything special, and the options took a bit to load, but they're there

tried the new reply on chrome, refreshed, even tried it in chrome with all plugins disabled in incognito mode, not showing up (on latest stable chrome, all addons updated and ublock origin filters updated as well

EDIT: so I had the thought of checking my ublock origin version, and there's an update, so I update it, restore settings from backup, update filter lists, try again, and its fixed now
guess my old version of ublock origin had some parsing problems or some other technical term
I think there's a problem with the forum (either that, or its just me)

I made a few replies on this one topic, and I swear when I DID make one, it vanished a day after, not because of any ToS violations or forum rule violations, just *way of the dodo'd*

is it possible to check if any post I made were removed either because of old topic deletion or rule violation, or some other issue; I swear there's something going on
Which topic..
I believe it would be this topic; on an unrelated note, what is this forum's stance on using curse words to describe a problem with a game, and in no way meaning to insult anyone