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Full Version: can some one help me?
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Hello all
Can some one help me because i dont know how can i put the emulador running Sad , can some one say how can i play?
And can i play with the original CD of PS2?

There is a post called How to Configure PCSX2...you should check it out...

EDIT:Not really How to Configure....it is Configuration Guide and you can find it here..


EDIT2:Yes you can play with the PS2 DVD'S but you should do a backup of them since it's faster!And use Linuz ISO plugin after doing the backups!Smile
Thank you Smile
No need to thank..but make sure you search better before posting something...cause that same post is on the Stickies...^^
yes i know. but my memory card is not working and i try but doesnt work dont know how can i put it ok i allready watch the post but this doesnt work...
Do you have the Bios??You need it in order to get the Memory Card working
yes i have can you send my a screenshot of you configuration plz?
For what..??Follow the configuration guide step by step..what is the problem of the emulator?
yes i do that but the bio there are diferent of my, there is bio of 2003 and i dont have that one Wacko
....You need to dump it from your PS2...
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