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Full Version: Suikoden 5 crash at storm
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Hey I am at the part where you see belcoot win the 2nd semi finals and when you start to see people clapping for him the game just freezes. I am using 0.9.6, using 1.5 speed hack and experimental and enable IOP x2 turned on.

Any one know whats up? Game was running smoothly till then
the game freeze there you need the patch to skip the fmv so you can continue, i beat the game from beginning to end so a patch is a must
check the patch thread
ok I've been trying to make this work for an hour now and I don't get it. I dl'd the patch, and enabled patches. Now... what do I do??? when I start pcsx2 it says no patch found. If I go config -- > patches --> new patch --> browse to the patch and "add it" it says no problem yet changes NOTHING...

Also if I click "skip mpeg" it says patch not found...
Ok found out how to do it... I have to stop the game during theFMV and do skip mpeg Smile