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Full Version: Controller and Keyboard keybinds at the same time?
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So I generally play PCSX2 using a controller, but sometimes I'll want to use keyboard (for games like JRPGs that can easily be played with just a controller). Is there an easy way to have both settings set up so I can easily switch between using a controller and using the keyboard?
I believe you can map both at once through the lillipad plugin, at least in the one that comes with pcsx2 1.5
I also saw Save and Load buttons in the LilyPad settings. Not sure if that's what you're after, but consider looking at those.
Ok, just tried it on my laptop.
Lilypad 0.12.1
General Tab
Input APIs
Keyboard -raw input
Game device APIs - DirectInput, XInput, and Monitor when in background
(game pad is a logitec f310 which does both x and d inputs..
Mouse API is set to disabled...

Pad 1
Mapped cross to the button that corresponds with x on my game pad
Same screen, hit cross again and mapped the x key on my kb to it
Both of the following entries are in the mapping box

XInput Pad 0 A (pc control column) Cross (PS2 Control Column)
RAW KB: Standard PS/2 Keyboard - x (PC control Column) cross (PS2 control column)

To test,
fast booted my ffx-2 iso, used the x on my kb to select load, used a on my controller to select the saved game.. both worked.

So literally both can be mapped at one time and they both work..
You can also map multiple button\s to act as certain ps2 control\s by enabling the option from Lilypad "Allow binding multiple PS2 controls to one PC"

For example on Ar Tonelico 2 while the enemy is attacking you,if he is attacking both of you characters,you have to press cross and square at the save time to guard both of the characters but if you enable this option and lets say you set the gamepad Square button to trigger the PS2 cross and square buttons,you will guard both characters by using single button