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Full Version: Am I just bad at this?
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Hello all, I'm new here.

So recently I bought a new PC to better run my games on. I wanted to set up PCSX2 since I could barely make it work on my laptop. I have it working mostly okay but I feel like it's not going to full potential. I can run Skyrim SE and Fallout 3/NV to near perfection with mods, but old PS2 are still a problem. So what am I doing wrong?

Here's what I'm working with:

CPU: Intel Core i7 7700 @ 3.60GHz
Graphics: 2047MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 (HP)

Any ideas? I don't have any speed hacks on, I use OpenGL, CRC hack level at "agressive", and everything pretty much left at default.

Thanks for any help.
install coretemp,show me the highest temperatures readings..

alternately disable HT(hyper-threading) under your PC's CMOS settings if any/existed
And what exactly is the problem?
Games are running slow/with graphical bugs or something else

Don't use aggressive CRC unless you have to(it't not the coolest sounding option name the better)
What games are you trying
On my PC and laptop with similar specs,everything works fine even without configuring anything after first time pcsx2 run

Oh and smartstrike,why disabling HT,I never saw a positive difference anywhere in doing that
vsub - heat.. hes trying to avoid heat generation
smartstrike: When I checked they were running in the mid-60's. Also, hyper-threading is on with 8 logical over 4 physical.

vsub: In general, PS2 games aren't running as well as newer, more graphically intense ones. There areĀ dips in frame rate and overall they're stuttery. Some even have serious graphical issues such as huge lines (NFS Underground and SSX3) which is why I enabled CRC hacks. Timesplitters 3 has major issues that I still haven't figured a way to fix yet.
i have a old i7 laptop i already experienced a sky-rocketed heat upon running pcsx2...then thermal-shutdown is the result then i back off my lappy i switch to my 2 desktops all are i5s instead..
Heat is probably a non-issue here... If you're getting thermal problems that's just a matter of getting appropriate cooling for your system...

Keep in mind PCSX2 is emulating a console built on a completely different architecture here. Saying "the games are old, they should run better than new ones" is completely unfair because in addition to the game, an emulator has to basically mimic the system itself. In PCSX2's case, that means translating from one machine code standard to another, and making a modern GPU do things that they weren't built to do using things that the PS2 GPU never had. The result? A lot more power required than the system itself.
pandubz: I had never really considered that. Honestly, I'm primarily a console gamer and not until now have I tried to get into any kind of PC gaming. I suppose I just assumed a powerful computer would have no issues.
(11-17-2017, 08:11 PM)kadsl123 Wrote: [ -> ]I suppose I just assumed a powerful computer would have no issues.

Well, that's part two of the discussion. While it is an unfair comparison, it is still fair to demand decent performance if you have beefy hardware.

I am guessing here because of your CPU model that you're on a desktop, correct me if I'm wrong. Your i7-7700 has a 2300-ish STR on Passmark which for PCSX2, that'll do most of what it needs to be able to do. The GTX 1050, I won't even bother looking that up because to my knowledge the GTX 10xx series is the Abrams tank of the GPU world. In other words, your GPU is good.

As far as settings go, there is no "magic configuration". Each game is going to behave differently and that's just because each developer made their games differently from each other (but you may notice sequels and games made by the same developer have the same tendencies). Furthermore one computer may have an underpowered CPU and benefit from one set of speedhacks, and another computer may be overpowered and benefit from another set of speedhacks. Experimentation is required if you want to "fully optimize" your settings.

The fourĀ matter of fact recommendations I can make:
  • Set CRC hacks back to the default/recommended value.
  • Enable MTVU in speedhacks. This will help with most games, but some will not see benefits and some may stop working.
  • Don't turn internal resolution past 3x internal if you're at 1080p resolution, there's not much purpose to going past. It will look a little bit better if you really lean forward and inspect the physical pixels in your monitor but that's about it.
  • Avoid MSAA. This can be very expensive in terms of GPU power, and in my opinion 3x native looks plenty nice without it.
Yeah, I was kind of getting the sense that this was going to be the issue. I noticed that some of the settings I did change would work great for one game and completely ruin another. I appreciate the tips though and will go on to do some experimentation. Thanks a bunch.
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