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Full Version: hiatus
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has pcsx2 gone AWOL????
yes, but only for annoying users.
Others will continue getting updates and improvements
ROFL Laugh Laugh Laugh
Brilliant. 10/10
definitely on hiatus.. almost 5 days since the last dev release
We've been extremely lenient with you the past few days, while you flood our forum with multiple useless threads where you whine about PCSX2 progress and such.
Consider this your last and final warning before getting perma banned.

If you have something,anything constructive to provide this community like testing (meaning a test report, not HALP PCSX2 SUX MY GAME NO WORKY WHYY") you are welcome to stay, but if you think you can abuse this forum and use up time of our staff to keep you in line, think again.
Geez, bosit. Don't break my jerky toys Laugh
Seriously I second you on this. Keeping my banhammer lift