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Full Version: Best PCSX2 configuration for my PC?
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Hi everyone, I have:
The CPU is:Intel Core i3 4150 @ 4.50GHz
The GPU is:NVIDIA GeForce GT 705 1024 MB
The Ram is:4GB
I would like to play Dragon Ball Budokai Tenkaichi 3 in 1080p.
There really is no "best configuration", you just have to find what the limit for your computer for each game is. They'll all run differently.

That said, your GPU may have trouble with upscaling but it's worth a shot. Try 3x native and disable Large Framebuffer and see if that runs well.
I dont see this game running 1080p with this GPU of yours...
So what could you do with 720p?
give a try with default settings and 2x native.
but don't expect miracles
Ok, I will change the graphics card. (Lag is always there!)
Using the IGPU is better in your case. It should give you better performance.
Um ... Can you tell me how?
remove your video card and it will automatically use it's intel HD GPU.
Select igu as a display device in the bios > plug the monitor on the mobo instead of the gpu.
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