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Full Version: Missing GS configuration
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I am a long time user of PCSX2 on Windows and recently  switched over to Linux Mint 18.3. I am having a problem with configuring the GS plugin. I'm thinking it is a problem with my Nvidia driver since I am having trouble installing steam as well.
[Image: TOZNp]
dis you install the proprietary nvidia driver?
(03-19-2018, 02:47 AM)scythefwd Wrote: [ -> ]dis you install the proprietary nvidia driver?
I finally figured out that's the issue. The driver won't install correctly no matter what I do. 


Notice how it says no proprietary drivers are installed.


That's what Nvidia server settings look like. It gives me no options.

I'm lost
I don't know if this is the issue for my driver installation, but I see this every time I shutdown my computer. I have to force shut it down every time.

This isn't Pcsx related but I think this is why I cannot install the driver.
where are you getting your driver.. I found that it was always a bit picky when it came to installing. I usually ended up having to download the installer/etc from nvidia directly, boot into single user mode (init 1), then do a sudo install.sh or whatever it is (or sudo su - and then do the install.sh).. then do an init 5 again.. though I believe ubuntu (mint is based off of ubuntu) only has 3 run levels or something like that.. not the traditional 5 that I'm most familiar with..
What even is your driver, you need to install both 32 bits and 64 bits version