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Full Version: [Bug Report] Bugged ISOs
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Current list of isos still BUGGED...All tests done with no speed hacks using most recent automated builds

24 the game - Runs on start up, slow once game play begins drops to 10 fps

Driver Parallel Lines - Rendering issue, changed to software drops game play to 25-30 fps

Marvel Nemesis - Freezes when game play begins, emulator crashes

The Sims 1 - Freezes then crashes when creating a sim

True Crime Streets of L.A. - Freezes on main menu

All Madden games - Play well, no stadium renders

The Sims Bustin' Out - Doesn't load game after EA Ad

NBA Street - Doesn't Load, Stalls on loading screen frames stay consistent

NHL Hitz 2002 - Does not load, freezes on loading screen

Knockout Kings 2002 - Freezes at start of fight, emulator crashes

Rocky- Doesn't load at start of fight, Says CDDVD Read error, sector = 0x000ae2c1

NBA Jam - Menu options aren't rendered

Scarface - Slow 20fps

Enter the Matrix - Plays for a few in the beginning, then freezes, emulator crashes

Tony Hawk Down hill Jam - Runs Fine, screen black in beginning theres only audio

Superman Returns - Needs rendering Fix

harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban - Doesn't start

harry potter and the chamber of secrets - Doesn't work in general

Prince of persia warrior within - renders blur and red textures, when put into software, drops to 30 fps

Mercenaries - Bad rendering, jumps between 20-50 fps

tom clancy's ghost recon advanced warfighter - Bad render, 40-50 fps

NBA Shootout 2003 - Brings you to ps2 menu after opening cutscene

All Star Baseball 2005 - CDDVD Read Error

Amplitude - Stuck on loading screen

Battle Engine Aquila - Little to no rendering

Men in Black 2 Alien Escape - Very Slow to load, runs 50 fps but stays on loading screen

WakeBoarding unleashed - Freezes on loading screen, emulator crashes

Unreal Tournament - Freezes After character select

Delta Force Black Hawk Down - running 40 fps

Colin Mcrae Rally 2005 - Running 20 fps

Onimusha Blade Warriors - Screen Stays Black

Outrun 2006 - Slow 40 fps

Primal - 10 fps

Splashdown Rides Gone Wild - Black Screen After character Select and track select

Test Drive - Doesn't advance beyond PONG Loading screen

World Series Baseball 2k3 - freezes after team select, emulator crashes

K-1 Premium 2005 Dynamite - Scrambled rendering, characters blue, low fps

K-1 Premium Dynamite - Scrambled rendering, characters blue, low fps

K-1 World GP 2006 - characters grey, Bad render, low fps
Thank you for your report.
This bug report has now been marked as Invalid since it either was not reproducible, not a valid bug or otherwise unacceptable for fixing.

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