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Full Version: I can't Get My Xbox One Controller to Work
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It looks like this, and I try to push the buttons on the right side (assuming that's what I'm supposed to do) and then push the button on the controllerĀ I want it set to and nothing happens, sometimes only two will change (x- and something else I think) but it doesn't actually do anything and they never stay on those buttons.
from what I read on the left, the buttons have been registered ?
It comes that way, I never touched anything. I tried to run KH and it told me to press "X" to select my language and it doesn't respond.
maybe then you should "clear all" and remap your keys ?
I tried changing the D-Pad and it keeps replacing the button previously on the Z - axis.
im afraid you need to calibrate the controller....goggle the brand of controller w/ the +calibrate
on how to re-calibrate the analog ones.
Already did that. Nothing is wrong.
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