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Full Version: KHS-400C and KHS-400B Laser Units NOT interchangeable!
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I just wanted to say or give the Information that KHS-400C and KHS-400B
Laser Units for the NON-SLIM Version of the real Playstation 2 Devices
are NOT interchangeable.I read Months ago somewhere that they would but
that's Nonsense.The KHS-400B Laser Unit is thicker than the KHS-400C Laser
so you can't replace a KHS-400C with a KHS-400B.So be careful guys.
The opposite may be possible to replace a KHS-400B with a KHS-400C
Laser Unit.But not sure if the technical specifications are identical.
So be careful in that case either.
the 400C will work in place of the 400B, but in version 4 and above of the fat PS2 the 400B will not fit properly. The 400C is also much much more reliable. I uave had the DVD reading functionality fail on 4-5 400Bs and only 1 400Cs. The slim's assembly (which I can not think of the name off the top of my head) is completely different and is not interchangable at all.