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Full Version: Cannot use pcsx2 1.2.1
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Hi guys have just loaded pcsx2 1.2.1 on my desktop ,all appears fine then i get that dreaded error box . It says this application has ended runtime in an unusual way . Any ideas ,a uninstall and reinstall has no effect. I think that there's a problem with the visual c++ but when its in the system files there's no way to uninstall when it was part of the pcsx2 install. Tim.
1.2.1 is old and outdated.
please upgrade at least to latest stable
Thanks for your reply. If i use the 1.4.1 version does this still use the visual c++ 2013 . Also is there a newer version than the 1.4.1 . Ive read there's a 1.5.1 but can't see it on the pcsx2 site.