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Full Version: Settings for my PC
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Hello guys! 
I'm trying to run Persona 4 on pcsx2 1.4.0 and I can't get a satisfactory framerate here.
The game either run too fast (about 200% speed) or run too slow (about 40~75% speed) 
Can you help me out?

My specs: 

Intel Xeon x3440 2.53GHz
Graphic card: GeForce GT 630 
System type: 64-bit Operating System
Is the slowdown at Junes? (Even though your CPU is way better then mine is when I last played it through PCSX2) There's a manual gamefix for Persona 4 and a VU Setting, not sure if this is still required though. Also 200% happens if not mistaken when you press Tab (Turbo setting) F4 is for disabling the Framelimiter.
I get some slowdowns when i'm at the town map, buying items and running through the shopping district when i'm sharing the screen on skype now. Is there a way I can get no slowdowns there? Although, the game is running perfectly when im not sharing it..

You were right about the 200% hahah
dont use skype ?
try something more actual/modern ?
like discord ?
your proc has 4 cores and 8 threads. Have you considered setting affinity of pcsx2 to say core 0 and 1 and the affinity of skype to 2 and 3? Might not help, probably wont do much .. but it guarantees your pcsx2 and your skype aren't competing for cpu cycles