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Full Version: Silent Hill 4 iso
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I am new with this pcsx2 and emulation so bear with me if I seem breaindead but the problem is this: I am trying to emulate a ps2 game disc: Silent Hill 4 - The Room. Everything in the setup has been going pretty good so far, until I go to CDVD and I'm supposed to select an iso. When I go to select an iso, it takes me to the bios installation folder, so that's probably wrong place, but where is the iso supposed to be located? I just can't find it.
Where do I find this or get it?

Thx in advance.
in the CD/DVD menu, choose plugin
use gigahertz dvd plugin and configure it to point at your DVD reader's letter (like D: or ESmile
then play from your disc.

OR, recommended solution

use imgburn to make an ISO off your PS2 disc