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Full Version: [Bug Report] Controller bug on certain game
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I am trying to play any Madden, but i have to press very hard on the D-Pad to use it. And when i am in game playing, it runs in one direction as if i am pushing down on it.

I know the controller works, since on NCAA Football 10 the controller works fine, it only happens on Madden. IDK why that would be a thing . And i re-downloaded Madden 10, but it still persists. Any ideas? 

All the games work but Madden, Madden 06 doesn't nor 10. It acts as if the controller is broke.
Update, I uninstalled PCSX2 and all of its files for the 2nd time. And now all of my Madden games work. I don't understand why though. Since my other games worked. Still would like to know if anyone would know what the problem would have been.
Quote:And i re-downloaded Madden 10, but it still persists
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