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Full Version: PCSX2 has a flawed release schedule
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I've been using Citra emulator a lot for my 3DS games and I believe that PCSX2 could benefit from a different release schedule. PCSX2 version 1.4.0 is almost 2 and a half years old while the development versions continue being released everyday. I don't understand why the developers of this emulator wait years to release features and improvements to the emulator just so they can be bundled up in one grand release. Meanwhile Citra's Canary build (their "stable" releases) has been 100% stable for me with improvements being added to it almost everyday. Their nightly releases are their developmental releases which serve the same purpose as PCSX2's development builds. I've been enjoying new tested and tried features while with PCSX2 I only have two options, use an unstable build that is prone to crashes or use a 1.4.0 "stable" release which is over 2 and a half years old.

I'm not here to bash everyone that contributes to this emulator but hopefully open some eyes to a better release structure that might add a "Semi-stable" release of PCSX2. Are there really absolutely zero improvements that couldn't be added to the 1.4.0 release over this time to not make it so archaic? 

Sorry if I come off as confrontational. That is not my intention with this post. I appreciate all the people that work on this emulator everyday. Some constructive criticism is all. Thank you
Don't like it, it's simple then don't use it. Everybody go on their own speed and one emulator is NOT the other.
What I don't understand about this is how the development build are unstable or prone to crashing. Quite literally the only difference between the two is that stable builds say stable in their name, and development builds say development in the name.

Sure, using development builds may introduce regressions since you are using bleeding edge builds. But you can just as easily step back to the last build that worked for you. But if it were me in charge, I wouldn't even do stable and development builds, I would just have a single continuous integration channel.
I've never had crashing with the dev builds, that note is just a disclaimdr but really it can be ignkred. As for stable releases, it's a huge amount of work. We have to freeze the repo, compile everything, make patch notes, the list goes on.
Dev builds are prone to crash more often then Stable builds mostly, but that can be solved by going to the forum and say it crashes and what you tried to do and mostly it'll be fixed with the next version and if it's harder a few versions later on.
(12-21-2018, 07:22 PM)StriFe Wrote: [ -> ]Don't like it, it's simple then don't use it. Everybody go on their own speed and one emulator is NOT the other.

You obviously didn't read the last paragraph. Leave your ego out of this. I'm just trying to discuss an issue since I clearly care enough about this emulator to type all of this up. Are people not allowed to criticize the emulator now?
Yes we would love to release more often. The real question is, can the PCSX2 team with the man power it currently has handle that? The answer is no, not without seriously slowing down development for months until we polish PCSX2 to the point it is release-worthy (by our standards, which are quite high TBH), update the documentation, test a LOT of games with lots of different configurations etc etc.

That said, I have to partially agree with the above, you are pretty much free to use either the (old) stable build or the newest dev build which, contrary to popular belief -including yours-, are 99% of the time perfectly usable and stable.