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Full Version: PCSX2 MultiConfigTool
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Have you you ever been annoyed because you needed to change your settings when switching the Game you wanted to play?
And after that, restore the previous settings for the last Game?

This can now be done easy, with the PCSX2_MultiConfigTool!

It allows you to set up different configurations, and let you create Shortcuts to start your games directly with their own Configuration.

This Tool is not a front end, you can use it for any recent version of PCSX2, on Windows and Linux.

For more information and download, see https://github.com/XXXBold/PCSX2_MultiConfigTool

You'll find some instructions on how to use it on the Github page aswell (look for manual.md).

If you have some Feedback or suggestions, post it here, or on github. Hope this will make your PCSX2-life a little easier Wink

Always find the latest release at https://github.com/XXXBold/PCSX2_MultiCo...l/releases

- v0.2: Added additional Options for Creating Game shortcuts
- v0.3: Added Support for Linux & added prebuilt Files for both Linux and Windows
- v0.4: UI-Improvements, enhanced shortcut creation.
- v0.5: More options for shortcuts, updated icon, added License, update to GTK3 for linux build
- v0.6: Better handling of spawning PCSX2-Processes, UI fixes, added proper build instructions and build system (meson), reorganized files, buildscripts available for Windows and Linux