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Full Version: SCP Server help. BT adapter not compatible
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Hello, so ive used the scp service before without issue. I used to have a tiny little $5 dongle but it was stolen along with some other stuff. Now i have a gigabyte gc-wb867d-i. Which is a wifi card that also allows the use of bluetooth. I have a xbox 1 controller that will connect just fine (no scp needed). But i also use ps3 controllers and this is what i need the scp service for. Coincidentally, after the new bt adapter scp bluetooth service isnt working. I noticed the service would always install 5 drivers. Now it always does 4. Im almost certain its just not picking up my gigabytes BT. I did some research and saw stuff about Zadig. Tried the program and it only offers me Intel wireless bluetooth under all devices. Im certain my CPU (only intel in my pc) doesnt come with BT. Soo my question is, is there a way for me to kind of point SCP towards my gigabytes BT? Or is it incompatible? Thanks!

INFO: CPU Intel i7 3930k, 16gb ram, rx 480 gpu, windows 10 home 1803, SCP latest version and update.

controllers are genuine ps3.
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