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Full Version: Lower performance help with newer/better CPU
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I went from an i7 4702mq to an i7 8565u. I understand that the latter is an Ultrabook processor but performance is a lot worse. I have tried disabling Turbo or at least having it capped to 2.4ghz but no help. This is even more confusing as the temperature and TDP are both reasonable are not causing throttling. 

I used to limit the old CPU to 2.2ghz for smoothest and most consistent performance, but the new CPU should beat it even at 1.8ghz as IPC is far improved according to PassMark.  I have the system on High Performance and the GPU on Maximum in the Nvidia settings.

Any ideas?
Are you sure you are actually using the nvidia gpu
Run any game or the bios and look in the console what gpu pcsx2 is using
Unfortunatly the issues that you were having with Dolphin are just going to be worse with PCSX2 since PCSX2 is a lot more demanding on Single threaded performance.

The older Dell 15 (8550u and 940mx) needed a bios update due to performance issues, but the only bios update I have seen for this model seems to fix a Intel smart sound issue and one related to bios options causing the system to lock up. My guess is that throttle stop is not helping in this case because of something that Dell has done in order to keep heat\power limits\or battery life where they believe it should be for the device they made. Maybe someone has found a solution, but I will not guarantee that disabling whatever was done will keep the temps and TDP at reasonable levels.
Great to see you here too!

Right that sucks, what is happening here exactly that is hampering the performance? I'm also looking at the patch notes for that BIOS you talk about, how exactly did they improve things for that laptop?
I want to say it was the 1.8.0 bios for the inspiron 7570 that updated the power delivery firmware to a newer version since I think that was what Dell was using to manage the power usage and thermals for the laptop. Basically it allowed it to boost slightly higher and for longer periods of time assuming that the laptop stayed cool enough (fans in good condition, vents not blocked, ect) and that it was plugged in. I think the settings they hd previously set were too agressive for non battery usage.

This is speculation from when I was trying to help a friend with performance issues in 3d cad software he was having. At first I just thought it was just a badly designed laptop with insufficient cooling, but his temps seemed fine (though the fan noise was louder then I would have wanted). And doing a full driver update of all the intel and dell drivers related to his CPU was just a trouble shooting measure.
The best I can do is just wait I guess. How did things change for your friend after the BIOS update?
A little bit better, kinda hard to give an exact change with a 3d cad program, but it worked a little smoother. The clocks seemed to be stable 2.3GHz so about a 500MHz boost over the 1.8GHz base. Not sure about the boost behavior though.
500mhz is a nice boost. How likely is it that Dell screwed up yet again?
It is not a screw up per say. Laptop manufacturers have to balance performance, heat, fan noise, and battery life (possibly more so as you have less space for a battery and cooling... ie ultra books, tablet versions). Dell makes choices in how to configure their products for who they think their customers are and how they will likely use their devices. For most general use breif bursts of speed along with long (relative) times of lower performance is usually how most things work. Emulation has a bit of a different load structure.

Maybe Dell will update the controls they have in place to make the laptop work a bit more like how you want it to work, but there is no guarentee.
Just got a BIOS update, the first since September. However the notes simply say that it is in prep for the new MX250 GPU.

What do you think the chances are that they have tuned the system better? It is named 1.3 whereas the previous was 1.2.