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Full Version: Make the "Dev Builds" buildbot page more visible
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This isn't about this site, but rather the main PCSX2 site.  I'm in a few communities that use PCSX2, and you wouldn't believe the amount of people who have asked why - after setting up v1.4.0 - there's graphical and performance issues with a certain game.  I give each of them a link to the dev builds download page.

Obviously, the dev builds download page isn't easy enough to find for a lot of people.  I personally think that either a link to the 1.5.0 builds should be placed very close to the stable builds, or somehow make it very obvious to not use the stable builds and use the dev builds instead.
Hmm,how exactly is this difficult to find?
Well, I'd imagine people would initially look for the most recent stable build. Go to the website, click Download, and use it. When a stable 1.5.0 build gets released, this won't be so much of a problem. There's nothing on the page that says "Hey, the stable builds are missing a lot of fixes. Download a development build for now."
It isn't hard to find, it's just that it takes an additional webpage to actually initiate the download. I, however, do think that there should be a better way to move to a newer dev build like some sort of updater.
(02-10-2019, 10:17 PM)vsub Wrote: [ -> ]Hmm,how exactly is this difficult to find?

that huge mouse pointer you got there XD
Yea,I keep loosing the normal one Laugh and this one is inverting its color
Since I posted this thread I had to direct three more people to the dev builds.
Probably the quickest option I could see would be to make the menu option one column and move the development builds into it while changing the labeling. I will do some testing on the development server but I'll leave the decision up to the web master.
Keep in mind that most ppl don't look past their noses and instantly call for help, I go directly to the dev site anywho, but then again I use PCSX2 for atleast 10 yrs now.