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Full Version: how to set up the emulator for specific games?
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I would like to use a specific set up for the emulator for 3D games and another set up (including a modified GSdx_FX_Settings.ini file) for 2D games.  Is it possible to configure every game with its specific set up and save in in order to use it automatically when i run the game?  

(03-23-2019, 11:15 PM)jesalvein Wrote: [ -> ]https://spectabis.github.io/

i launched it. I have some issues:

1) it is impossible to download every cover...i don' have any box art, it appears "Failedto Connct to GamesDB". Why?
2) if i run spectabis, it starts the emulator not considering my default settings of the emulator. I hav to reconfigure it. Is it normal? Have i to configure every game? I would like to use a default settings for most games, and specific games setting for some games. Is it possible?
3) if i push VIDEO SETTINGS, it appears the GSdx set up, but it is different from the one that appears when i open it directly from PCSX2 (Config--> Video GS --> Plugin Settings). It seems that the set up from Spectabis is older than the one from pcsx2...why?

thank you
ask the creator.
this isn't pcsx2 related
ok but I didn't find anything in order to contact the creator in his websites... so i askked to the related topi here in the pcsx2 forum ok?