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Full Version: Thread Creation Failure / Deleting program
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Good afternoon, hope your day is going well PCSX2 family!

I have been using PCSX2 for about 8 months now, and today when I started the program, an error message saying, "Thread Creation Failure. An unspecified error occurred while trying to create the SysExecutor thread."

I'm running version 1.4.0 and I have the following setup: Lenovo p52s   Intel® i7-8550U CPU @1992 mhz   with my   NVIDIA® Quadro® P500 2 GB    

I would post a log, however I can't even access the log because the program won't start correctly. 

I would like to remove PCSX2 completely and reinstall the program, but there is no program listed in my control panel, so I would be very thankful for assistance in removing the program so I can reinstall it. 

I have taken a look at a few other similar threads but don't see any useful info: 

Thank you for any help as it is much appreciated!
- Alexander
Well, um, just a thought but... why install it at all?
How about using up to date not installable 1.5 dev build instead of old 1.4?
Here: https://buildbot.orphis.net/pcsx2/index.php?m=fulllist
Also, how did you run the 1.4 version? Was it the portable version where everything is in one folder (the various folders like sstates, memcards, and inis and the program itself, which is pcsx2.exe) or was it the installer where it's split between the Documents folder and plugins, the program itself, etc. are all located in X:\Program Files (x86), where X is the drive letter?