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Full Version: Unstable Performance
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so when i try to play games on the emulator i get a weird performance, sometimes goes up to 60fps and the goes down to 5fps, all the time
i only tested the emulator with 2 games:

GTA:Liberty City Stories (i dont remenber what version i used)
Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater (pal and ntsc versions)

my pc specs:

Intel Core I3 3120M 2.50ghz
4gb DDR3 Ram
Nvidia GT 635M 1GB
Intel HD Graphics 4000
500gb HDD
Windows 10 Pro Version 1903 

Emulator Version:


any help would be accepted (except of "buy a better pc")
Those specs just definitely aren't cut out to run PCSX2 without severe lags. You could try running a dev build, but you won't notice much of an improvement. All I can say is that play those games on your real PS2 for now.
Sorry chief, but that CPU is way underpowered for any game. If you're not interested in a better PC, then just stick to your PS2 for now.