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Full Version: Sly 2/3 usa not running at full speed on any config.
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I have had this issue for some time now.Basically Sly 2 and Sly 3 refuse to run at full speed on my system.I have pretty descent specs and have tried every trick in the book.The game mostly runs at full speed but in some areas of all maps like paris,the speed drops to almost 50-70.Is this solvable or is this an issue with the game.I have seen videos of people with worse rigs running it better than mine in the same areas.
My specs
Cpu: Intel xeon w3680 oc 4ghz
Gpu: Amd rx 570 4gb strix asus oc
Ram 16 gb
And i run all games from an ssd.
I saw people with 1050ti's running better than mine at the opening mission of sly 3 and in paris of sly 2.Other maps also have issues.
STR below 1500. Don't expect miracles...
Server processors aren't the best to use in some emulators. Their main purpose is to multitask many different processes not to be used in a single, intense process. Their single-thread performance aren't great despite the clock speed which is actually irrelevant.
I have a question,does an emulator like pcsx2 or rpcs3 favor the cpu for performance gains,which means that is the cpu more important for emulation.And how to calculate str.I recently oc'd my cpu and it runs at 4.1 ghz 3 cores compared to 3.6 all core.My all core is now 3.97.
read here: https://www.cpubenchmark.net/
and yes CPU is more important than GPU for PCSX2.

Think it's true for RPCS3 too but you should talk to them about it not us.
I'm pretty sure RPCS3 is on the same page with that, being that the CPU is more important than the GPU. But anyways, I don't want to derail this thread. So, for the CPU, PCSX2 recommends at least 2000 STR. RPCS3 recommends a modern CPU that supports TSX.